L’HERMITAGE COVIDE – A Covid 19 Diary 04.24.2020

I have a difficult time accepting that the country is as polarized during the COVID 19 crisis as it is during any other point in our contemporary period.

In light of the universal hardship the country, if not the planet, is going through, I would think the average American would be more unified in the face of disease and death.

But what seems to be happening in the midst of potential recovery is a form of division solidifying around the basic orientation of the American liberal and conservative mind sets.

In an overly generalized example, liberals and progressives in this country seem more willing to comply with a central authority (dismissing for the time being the absurdity of Trump administration) than do their Republican counterparts.

Many of the more conservative states are reopening services today that more states feel are premature and dangerous. Predictably, the states deciding to reactivate elements of their economy are traditionally oriented toward the “state’s rights” philosophy. In a nutshell, they feel they are the best authority to judge what is best for them, not a central federal government.

In my opinion, this is a short sighted decision because what an individual state decides is in its best interest during this crisis will not necessarily be the same for its neighbor states. Further, any mistakes in gauging what is “best” will most assuredly have a negative effect on the rest of the country during this crisis.

Polarization is not the exception, its the new normal; even during a life and death crisis. Its enough to make one question his birthright.


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