What is Normal? L’HERMITAGE COVIDE – A Covid 19 Diary – 8.4.2020

“Normal is an illusion…What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly” – Morticia Addams August and COVID is raging unabated in the US. In my estimation this is due to two facets of the contemporary American psyche: a willingness to believe what we choose in the face of contravening science and theContinue reading “What is Normal? L’HERMITAGE COVIDE – A Covid 19 Diary – 8.4.2020”


L’HERMITAGE COVIDE – A Covid 19 Diary 04.25.2020

Spending week after week in isolation away from family and loved ones is, I would imagine, hard on anyone who values those connections. I can assure everyone it is hard on me and I will make a bee-line to see them once we are through the charge of this latest crisis. Yet, the lessons IContinue reading “L’HERMITAGE COVIDE – A Covid 19 Diary 04.25.2020”

L’HERMITAGE COVIDE – A Covid 19 Diary 04.24.2020

I have a difficult time accepting that the country is as polarized during the COVID 19 crisis as it is during any other point in our contemporary period. In light of the universal hardship the country, if not the planet, is going through, I would think the average American would be more unified in theContinue reading “L’HERMITAGE COVIDE – A Covid 19 Diary 04.24.2020”

L’HERMITAGE COVIDE – A Covid 19 Diary 04.17.2020

I am lucky. In this enforced confinement, I have shelter, food, employment and, thanks to any gods that be, none of my loved ones have succumb to Covid 19. This is an inescapable blessing of which I remind myself everyday. And yet my grumbling and discontent at being restricted in place and movement belie myContinue reading “L’HERMITAGE COVIDE – A Covid 19 Diary 04.17.2020”

In the Crystal Green of the Caribbean

Adventures start in the mind. At least that’s what I have come to understand as an adult looking backward. But as an 8-year-old boy in the Spring of 1969, staring over the side of the boat at the clearest crystal green water I had ever seen in my short years, adventure was the American VirginContinue reading “In the Crystal Green of the Caribbean”

Memories of a Desperate Shore

Inspired by stories and poetry speaking on the plight of sailor’s wives… San FranciscoMay 3rd, 1871 Dearest heart, You did not return to me. I am beside myself in worry. I have paced the shore and cliffs this day and more. No ship or light have I seen. No word or rumor have I heard.Continue reading “Memories of a Desperate Shore”