L’HERMITAGE COVIDE – A Covid 19 Diary 04.17.2020

I am lucky. In this enforced confinement, I have shelter, food, employment and, thanks to any gods that be, none of my loved ones have succumb to Covid 19.

This is an inescapable blessing of which I remind myself everyday. And yet my grumbling and discontent at being restricted in place and movement belie my apparent gratitude.

I think self-focused Americans do not well tolerate confinement and impingement of their liberty. We seem to need daily reminders why we are depriving ourselves. Americans who are not entirely convinced that social distancing, mask wearing and hyper-cleanliness is needed, will hopefully not lose someone to drive home the point of it all. One would think the daily death toll would be enough to recommend the most stringent of precautions.

Still, its been my experience that the “wont happen to me” mentality is alive and well, not limited to the underdeveloped prefrontal cortex of teens. The experience of others-namely those who are dying in droves-will have little effect to demonstrate to the fortunate and self-concerned that this crisis is real.

I can only hope that the lives already collected will lead to some wisdom in the end, that we all need to take this crisis seriously and thereby mitigate the loss of yet more souls.


Published by Diego

Deeper thoughts, meaningful impressions and lighter musings from a lifetime of living, thinking, and screwing-up.

One thought on “L’HERMITAGE COVIDE – A Covid 19 Diary 04.17.2020

  1. This is an excellent “temperament check” and measurement point of Americans’ reactions to this pandemic, so true mid-April ‘20. I’d be interested in your current June ’20 assessment as a follow-through at TMOLproject on FB. I’m finding out now there are greater numbers of cautious/fearful people than I’d imagined who don’t want to/won’t re-enter society until they’re 100% comfy about it.


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