The Beginning of this Particular End

Today we are “achieving” a daily infection rate of 125,000 per day across the USA. Much of this is due to the persistent belief that the vaccines or even the process of regular vaccinations in general are unnecessary or even a politically driven agenda with a nefarious objective. It’s an exceptionally tired refrain at this point that shouldn’t be contending with the Olympic Mons size pile of scientific data; naturally, though, it is.

Human stubbornness being what it is, this particular cultural conundrum will work itself out, no doubt to the utter detriment of the hidebound Americans clinging to the lies, mistruths, ignorance, and, yes, the willful manipulation of self-serving individuals and groups. Given that, perhaps it’s time I end the COVID focus of this diary.

The pendulum of my attention is reaching its maximum arc (regardless of the state of COVID). My usually wandering intellect is finally managing to cast off the torpor of this wholly unnecessary pandemic. I start to feel free again; free to think, and peruse, and wonder.

So, enough of COVID. I’m going to put it away and look forward to what life offers in the years left to me. What these last 18 months and more have cost is just no longer worth lamenting.


Published by Diego

Deeper thoughts, meaningful impressions and lighter musings from a lifetime of living, thinking, and screwing-up.

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