L’hermitage COVID – A COVID 19 Diary 12.16.2021

Well, it has been a “few months” since my last entry. Since then COVID has become a way of life, a curse, and a tiresome companion. In a way, nothing to write about anymore.

But writing is a mechanism to process life or at least for me it is. And it doesn’t have to be witty or even droll. But it has to move your mind along from the unfinished to the finished or the process, the natural progression, of inspiration, vision, and creation will not occur, at least for me.

So here I am. Pushing forward my tiny stream of inspiration. I look forward to a time beyond delta, omicron and any other damn thing.


Published by Diego

Deeper thoughts, meaningful impressions and lighter musings from a lifetime of living, thinking, and screwing-up.

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