L’HERMITAGE COVIDE – A Covid 19 Diary 05.20.2020

I suspect that this will be my last COVID post; not that we are free and clear. I fully expect we will rush back to normal only to sustain a national, if not world, relapse in Autumn. However, I think I have learned to deal with the strain of the event and can do this isolation again if I have to. If it wasn’t for this other challenge I am trying to navigate at the same time, it would be easier still.

So, its with guarded optimism I look forward to the country, nay, the world getting back to a staged progress toward whatever will become the new normal. We all have things to do, both of lesser and greater import, that I wish wholeheartedly for everyone to just get on with.

Nevertheless, I believe we must walk boldly but wisely into the unknown that may yet be COVID to come. If we think as we rush head-long, perhaps we can avoid the mother-of-all relapses that would, frankly, shrivel the soul of those who are just barely hanging on even now. Whether we be introvert or extrovert, lets have our wits about us so the next bout of isolation is less brutal, both in duration and intensity.

For now, its time for me to get on with my blog; to dream, to plan and most of all, to head for that day when I can step outside and hug the sun.


Published by Diego

Deeper thoughts, meaningful impressions and lighter musings from a lifetime of living, thinking, and screwing-up.

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