Romping Through Scotland the Brave

I think if I was asked to identify a hikers paradise I’d have to say it’s the Highlands of Scotland. As you can see in the below picture, the northern two thirds are considered Highlands. Historically, the lowlands were thought to be populated by the effete nobility of England and are not “true” Scots! I disavow any slander implied by the above statement. As I am not Scottish, I can neither confirm or deny the veracity of that perception.

However, back to the subject of the hikers paradise, I have been fortunate to have two vacations in the highlands, each of 30 days duration. While I traveled east to west and south to north, it wasn’t nearly enough time to explore the vastness of a country that, in terms of land area, is relatively small. Still, the depth and richness of each glen, loch and mountain beggars the time allotted to explore it. Most people will only scratch the surface of what there is to see, like Glencoe.

Glencoe is an 8 mile trek to the other end. Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the UK at 4,413 feet high. Weather can change in an instant and is brutal in winter. And it has a bloody history.

But Ben Nevis is a kinder walk compared to Ladhar Bheinn in the Knoydart region of the Western Highlands. Yet the Highlands are chockablock with dazzling breathtaking locals almost ad Infinitum. A glorious canvas of spectacular natural creations.


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